Mandy completed her community service duties at Worcester hospital in the Western Cape, providing services to clients of varying ages. It was here that her passion for working with children became evident and she gained valuable experience in the areas of paediatric dysphagia, fluency difficulties, language delays and articulation disorders. Mandy then gained international experience by spending the next 2 years in London, working alongside many experienced therapists and professionals and had the opportunity of expanding her expertise in the field of autism spectrum disorders. Whilst overseas, she was lucky enough to be trained in Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), Makaton UK sign language and the Hanen ‘It Takes Two To Talk’ Programme.

In June 2013, Mandy opened the doors to her private practice.

She has recently relocated to Morningside, Sandton and now shares a premises with educational psychologist Kerry Skinner, as well as occupational therapists Mira Bernstein and Kristie Ellis.

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